Lucid Dream

A Mind-Bending Journey to the World of Dreams


There is a captivating sub-classification in the field of film that dives into the puzzling and strange universe of dreams. These movies frequently obscure the lines among the real world and the psyche, testing our discernments and taking us on ventures that astonish us. “Lucid Dream,” a film accessible on Netflix, is a prominent expansion to this classification. In this article, we will investigate the idea of clear dreaming, dig into the film’s plot and characters, and examine its importance with regards to the thrill ride classification as well as an investigation of the human psyche.

The universe of clear dreaming

Prior to plunging into the perplexing subtleties of the film “Lucid Dream”, understanding the idea of clear dreaming is fundamental. Clear dreaming is a state where the visionary knows that they are in a fantasy while it is as yet working out. This mindfulness permits the visionary to practice some degree of command over the story and climate of the fantasy. A peculiarity has interested therapists, neuroscientists and specialists for a really long time.

Lucid Dream is an interesting an open door to investigate the profundities of your own psyche. It permits people to stand up to their feelings of dread, wants and irritating issues in a protected and controlled climate. The capacity to control the fantasy land makes the way for imagination and self-revelation, making it a rich wellspring of motivation for producers.

“Clear Dream” Plot Synopsis

“Lucid Dream” is a South Korean sci-fi spine chiller movie coordinated by Kim Joon-sung and delivered in 2017. The film follows the narrative of Dae-ho (played by Go Soo), a writer and single parent who is fixated on tracking down his seized child. His journey brings him into the interesting universe of clear dreaming when he finds a machine that permits clients to enter and control their fantasies.

The film opens with a tragic scene where Dae-ho loses his child Min-charm (played by Kim Kang-hoon) during a standard fair outing. As the years pass, Dae not set in stone to rejoin with his child and reveal reality behind the grabbing. His determined interest takes a strange turn when he meets the secretive researcher So-hyeon (played by Kang Hye-jung), who has fostered a gadget known as the “clear dream machine.”

The clear dreaming machine permits people to get to their fantasies and remember them with exactness and lucidity. Dae-ho considers this innovation to be his most obvious opportunity to address the secret of his child’s vanishing. He works together with So-hyeon and enters the overly complex universe of clear dreaming, cruising through a progression of dreamscapes, every one more strange and muddling than the last.

As Dae-ho digs further into the dreamscape, he finds that the way to finding his child lies in the distinctive, divided recollections put away in his psyche. Through a progression of stunning and staggering dream successions, the film investigates the obscured lines among the real world and creative mind, uncovering stunning disclosures about the past.

Subjects and character advancement

“Lucid Dream” investigates a few convincing subjects, making it an intriguing and genuinely charged spine chiller. One focal topic is the force of parental love and responsibility. Dae-ho’s immovable assurance to find his child drives the story and shows how far a parent will go to safeguard his youngster and rejoin him.

The film additionally dives into the possibility of memory and the lack of quality of human memory. Recollections, both striking and cloudy, assume a critical part in the story, featuring how our previous encounters shape our current selves. The clear dream machine turns into a representation for the delicacy of memory and the capacity to control it, bringing up issues about the idea of truth and discernment.

Also, “Lucid Dream” investigates the moral ramifications of innovation. The fantasy machine, while offering the potential for mending and self-revelation, can likewise be a device of control and misdirection. As Dae-ho explores the dreamscapes, he should confront the ethical problems of controlling somebody’s psyche and modifying the past.

The improvement of the characters in the film is additionally exceptional. Dae-ho’s change from despondency stricken dad to decided dream voyager is convincing. His developing relationship with So-hyeon adds profundity to the story as they wrestle with their own injuries and inspirations.

Visual and true to life splendor

One of the champion elements of “Lucid Dream” is its visual and realistic splendor. The film’s fantasy groupings are a captivating combination of the real world and dream with staggering visuals that have an enduring effect on the watcher. Chief Kim Joon-sung marvelously makes dreamscapes that are both lovely and tormenting, making a climate of consistent pressure and miracle.

The utilization of imagery and dreamlike symbolism adds layers of intricacy to the story. From the consistently rehashing carousel theme to Dae-ho’s lowered dreamscapes, each visual component fills a need in uncovering mysteries and investigating the profundities of the psyche.

Cinematography and embellishments work inseparably to make a consistent progress between this present reality and the fantasy land. The film’s tender loving care in delivering the dreamscapes is momentous and submerges the crowd in reality as we know it where the regulations and laws of material science never again apply.

The film’s music, created by Mowg, impeccably supplements the visuals and increases the close to home effect of every scene. The eerie and ethereal nature of the music adds to the fanciful air and further hazy spots the lines among awareness and obviousness.

Importance and effect

“Lucid Dream” is critical as a thrilling realistic encounter, yet additionally as an impression of the human interest with dreams and the inner mind. It takes advantage of the all inclusive interest in the secrets of the psyche and offers an exceptional knowledge into the force of dreams and recollections.

With regards to the spine chiller class, “Lucid Dream” stands apart as a cerebral and genuinely charged film. It keeps watchers as eager and anxious as can be while provoking them to scrutinize the idea of the real world and the human mind. The film’s capacity to join the dramatic components of a spine chiller with the oddity of dreams makes it uncommon in the class.

Furthermore, “Lucid Dream” adds to a bigger discussion about the crossing point of science and morals. The idea of a machine that can get to and control dreams brings up moral issues about the constraints of individual protection and the outcomes of controlling one’s recollections. These subjects resound with current conversations about the effect of trend setting innovation on our lives.


All in all, “Lucid Dream” is a charming and outwardly staggering film accessible on Netflix that takes watchers on a shocking excursion into the universe of dreams. Through its investigation of subjects, for example, the force of affection, the untrustworthiness of memory and the moral ramifications of innovation, the film expresses a viewpoint inciting and genuinely charged insight.

Chief Kim Joon-sung’s stunning utilization of visuals, imagery and oddity makes a true to life magnum opus that obscures the lines among the real world and creative mind. “Lucid Dream” engages, yet additionally provokes its crowd to consider the secrets of the human psyche.

So in the event that you’re searching for a thrilling and mentally animating film night, “Lucid Dream” on Netflix is an unquestionable requirement. Plan to be submerged in reality as we know it where dreams and reality impact and where the force of the psyche becomes the overwhelming focus on a captivating and remarkable excursion.

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