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In the realm of film, the powerful has consistently drawn in crowds. From supernatural power to mind control, films that dive into the secrets of the human brain and its undiscovered potential have charmed crowds for quite a long time. “Psychokinesis” is one such film that investigates the idea of psychokinesis, the capacity to move objects with one’s brain. Accessible on Netflix, this South Korean diamond offers a new interpretation of the hero class and an interesting glance at the force of the psyche.

Plot outline

“Psychokinesis” is coordinated by Yeon Sang-ho, who is known for his work on the widely praised zombie spine chiller “Train to Busan.” Be that as it may, “Psychokinesis” wanders away from the zombie kind and plunges into the domain of superhuman narrating with a special turn. The film rotates around an apparently conventional safety officer named Shin Roo-mi and her alienated dad Seok-heon, who acquires psychokinetic powers after an unforeseen experience with an unusual shooting star.

The story starts with Shin Roo-mi, played by Shim Eun-kyung, running a striving broiled chicken eatery in Seoul. Her life takes an unprecedented transform when a little shooting star collides with her eatery and gives her dad Seok-heon, played by Ryu Seung-ryong, supernatural powers. Seok-heon, a troubled man with a stressed relationship with his little girl, unexpectedly finds that he can move objects with his psyche.

Themes investigated

  1. Relational intricacies: At its center, “Psychokinesis” is a tale about family. The stressed connection between Seok-heon and Roo-mi fills in as the scenery for the film’s otherworldly components. As Seok-heon battles with his freshly discovered powers, he looks for reclamation and an opportunity to reconnect with his little girl.
  2. Power and Obligation: In the same way as other superhuman stories, “Psychokinesis” investigates the topic of force and the obligation that accompanies it. Seok-heon should choose how to utilize his supernatural powers, whether for individual increase or for everyone’s benefit.
  3. Social Discourse: The film likewise contains components of social critique. It features the battles of entrepreneurs in a quickly improving city and the conflicts between corporate interests and neighborhood organizations. These subjects add profundity and importance to the story.

Character advancement

One of the qualities of the film is character advancement. Seok-heon’s change from vigilante to hesitant legend is all around good. His excursion of self-revelation and reclamation is at the core of the story. Roo-mi additionally goes through critical development as she deals with her dad’s capacities and their effect on their lives.

Supporting characters, including Roo-mi’s companions and corporate antiheroes, add extra layers to the story. The film keeps away from one-layered portrayals, making it more straightforward for watchers to put resources into the characters’ personal bends.

Enhanced visualizations and cinematography

“Psychokinesis” is outwardly dazzling, with noteworthy enhancements that rejuvenate supernatural powers. From suspending objects to activity arrangements, the film’s enhanced visualizations add to the general happiness regarding the film. Cinematographer Lee Hyung-deok ably catches the bedlam and marvel of Seok-heon’s newly discovered powers.

The mix of the regular climate with exceptional occasions is a visual treat. Roo-mi’s Seared Chicken Eatery turns into the landmark for epic supernatural fights, making an interesting and outwardly captivating experience for watchers.

Humor and heart

While “Psychokinesis” investigates serious subjects and contains extraordinary activity successions, it doesn’t neglect to infuse humor and heart into the story. The film finds some kind of harmony between snapshots of levity and close to home profundity. Seok-heon’s ungainly endeavors to utilize his powers and Roo-mi’s irritation give a lot of comedic minutes.

The genuine minutes between the dad girl pair reverberate with the crowd. These minutes make “Psychokinesis” something beyond a hero film; it is a tale about the force of adoration and recovery.

Social significance

Notwithstanding its amusement esteem, “Psychokinesis” addresses gives that are applicable in the present society. The film features the difficulties entrepreneurs face even with corporate extension and improvement. Roo-mi’s battle to keep his eatery above water mirrors the genuine battles numerous private companies face.

Also, the film manages the maltreatment of force by companies and the lengths to which they will go to safeguard their inclinations. This topic resounds with watchers when the impact of enterprises on society is a major problem.

A novel glance at the superheroes of South Korean film

“Psychokinesis” stands apart as a novel expansion to the hero sort, particularly since it hails from South Korea. While Hollywood overwhelms the superhuman film scene, this South Korean film offers new viewpoints and narrating procedures. The film consolidates the heavenly with family show, giving it an unmistakable character inside the class.

Chief Yeon Sang-ho’s past progress with “Train to Busan” showed his capacity to make pressure and tension, and “Psychokinesis” exhibits his flexibility as a movie producer. His vision of mixing the unprecedented with the regular separates the film from customary hero charge.


“Psychokinesis” is an unlikely treasure on Netflix that offers a new interpretation of the superhuman kind. With its advanced characters, great visuals and a combination of humor and heart, the film gives a drawing in and engaging experience for the crowd. Moreover, it investigates subjects of family, power, obligation and social editorial, making it an intriguing true to life venture.

This South Korean hero film advises us that unprecedented powers can rise out of standard conditions, and our decisions characterize how we use them. “Psychokinesis” is a demonstration of the strength of the human soul and the persevering through significance of family bonds despite remarkable difficulties. Whether you love hero films or only searching for an interesting realistic encounter, “Psychokinesis” on Netflix is a must-watch that will leave you contemplating the undiscovered capacity of the brain long after the credits roll.

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